Introduction of Joypie Limited Finance
— Joypie Limited Lending
Joypie Limited Finance’s Personal Consumption Credit Loan Platform
Joypie Limited Lending is a personal consumption credit APP product launched by Joypie Limited Financial Group
Low entry threshold
As long as client is over 18 yrs.
High Amount
Highest to 30,000USD
Based on Big Data-driven risk control and IT-enabled automatic evaluation, overall credit evaluation of client
could be implemented before providing immediate cash loans for individual clients.
Quick cash
Cash only 5 mins away.
Flexibility Recurrent use of
credit made possible
Data competency
All 3 steps are essential
Rich experience in tackling non-structural data & limited data environment, such as various kinds of image, graph, relationship, LBS, text, voice & behavior: such as node2vector, embedding, binning etc.
Combination of mature ML frameworks and advanced DL frameworks : such as Semi-supervised learning for limited labeling, CNN for image, Graph algorithm for social network, RNN for NPL, RNN-LSTM for behavior analysis, Reinforcement learning for user life-cycle operation optimization.
The key is never about imposing the most sophisticated algorithmic framework anywhere, but to tailor the most suitable algorithmic solution for everywhere.
Competency Infrastructure
Joypie Limited Group: World-leading cyber security solution & cutting-edge IT engineering
Safety: Joypie Limited’s world-leading capability in data and internet security solutions to safeguard data and system.
IT Engineering: Joypie Limited’s mighty IT force to ensure system capacity and efficiency in an elegant and reliable manner.
Fintech Veteran: facing enormous and complicated customer groups in China, Joypie Limited Lending(product launched in 2016 for Chinese market) has achieved great success with market-proved skills in continuous evolutions of risk control system, product designs, and operational expertize.
Company name: Joypie Limited
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